Introducing And Install Metasploit On Kali Linux

Introducing And Install Metasploit On Kali Linux

Metasploit is a penetration testing framework that is released under a BSD-style license. Attackers, defenders, and security researchers find it an essential tool since it makes hacking simple. HD Moore has written it in Perl in 2003. Metasploit framework is known as the most useful security auditing tool freely available to security professionals today. You can prepare a truly impressive work environment. Since the best place to start for many is probably downloading and installing Kali Linux, this article is Introducing And Install Metasploit On Kali Linux. It also needs a vulnerable virtual machine (VM) for target practice. So, have a look at the available packages on Eldernode and purchase your own Linux VPS to go on with this guide.

Introducing Metasploit Tools

Hacking is easier now because of Metasploit as a widely using penetration testing tool. The framework offers only a command-line interface. But If you prefer GUI-based click-and-drag hacking — plus some other cool features, you can a bundle for per-seat licenses to Metasploit Pro. Metasploit consists of a datastore and modules. You can configure the aspects within the framework with the datastore whereas modules are self-contained snippets of codes from which Metasploit derives its features.

In the following, you will read about modules. Every reconnaissance tool you can think of integrates with Metasploit such as Nmap, SNMP scanning, and Windows patch enumeration, among others. It makes it possible to find the chink in the armor you’re looking for. When you install and setup Metasploit on your machine, it contains a full suite of post-exploitation tools, including privilege escalation, pass the hash, packet sniffing, screen capture, keyloggers, and pivoting tools. However, you can also setup a persistent backdoor in case the machine in question gets a reboot.

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To use Metasploit, you need to have proficiency or working knowledge:

_ Windows and Linux OS

_ Network protocols

_ Vulnerability management systems

_ Basic pen-testing concepts

Modules of Metasploit (Metasploit On Kali Linux)

Metasploit modules are the main components of Metasploit and are pieces of code within the database. They are using it while running on a victim computer. The attacker will attempt to leverage a vulnerability on the local or remote system compromising the payload module such as the Meterpreter shell. There are three modules that are embedding in various categories. Let’s review them:

1- Exploits

Attackers use the codes called to gain access to a vulnerability system. The attacker will attempt to leverage a vulnerability on the local or remote system compromising the payload module such as the Meterpreter shell.

2- Payloads

Hackers use payloads as simple scripts to interact with a hacked system. It helps them to transfer data to a victim system. payloads can be of three types − Singles − Singles are very small and designed to create some kind of communication, then move to the next stage

3- Auxiliaries

These modules are using for tasks such as Scanning in Metasploit. Since these types of modules do not require the use of a payload to run like exploit modules, they include useful programs such as scanners, fuzzier, and SQL injection tools.

Note: Local firewalls, including Windows Firewall, interfere with the operation of exploits and payloads. If you install the Metasploit Framework from behind a firewall, the firewall may detect the Metasploit Framework as malware and interrupt the download.

How To Install Metasploit On Kali Linux

Metasploit is one of the most commonly used penetration testing tools and comes built-in in Kali Linux. If you are a Kali Linux 2.0 user, the Metasploit Framework is already pre-install and updating monthly. You can use this installer if you want to receive updates more frequently.

Installation Note: You should disable the local firewalls before you install or run Metasploit Framework. If you must operate from behind a firewall, you should download the Metasploit Framework from outside the network.

Metasploit installation on Kali Linux using Rapid 7

Rapid7 provides open-source installers for the Metasploit Framework on Linux, Windows, and OS X operating systems. These installers include dependencies (like Ruby and PostgreSQL) and integrate with your package manager, so they’re easy to update.

If PostgreSQL is not running, first of all, start PostgreSQL by running the following commands:

service postgresql start
service postgresql status

It includes msfconsole and installs associated tools like John the Ripper and Nmap. In addition, to install the Metasploit Framework, you must have administrator privileges on the system that you want to use to run the framework.

Note: Rapid7 no longer supports the pre-installed Metasploit Community edition on Kali Linux 1.0.

The following script invocation will import the Rapid7 signing key and set up the package for supported Linux and macOS systems:

curl > msfinstall
chmod 755 msfinstall

When the installation is completed, launch msfconsole as /opt/metasploit-framework/bin/msfconsole from a terminal window. Depending on your environment, it may already be in your path and you can just run it directly. In case of your first running,  a series of prompts will help you set up a database and add Metasploit to your local PATH if it is not already.

These packages integrate into your package manager and can update with the msfupdate command, or with your package manager. Again, if this is the first start, these packages will automatically set up the database or use your existing database.

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In this article, Metasploit was introduced to you and you learned How To Install Metasploit On Kali Linux. Pentesters, security researchers, and system administrators may find this guide useful. You can refer to the article How to Install Metasploit On windows 10 RDP if you wish. If you are using this tool, send your feedback and let your friends know about it more.

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