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cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels. cPanel is based on the Linux operating system and is the most well-known tool for managing Linux servers and hosts worldwide. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this American control panel is its ease of use. Simple and functional user interface easily integrates all services in one place and allows the user to manage it.

In fact, cPanel provides a platform for website operations and control. In this context you can:
Connect the domain name to your host.
Launch your website emails.
Install WordPress or any other content management system.
Back up your website.
Upload your files.
Check the bandwidth usage.
Check your security settings.
Install your desired items.

The most important advantages of cPanel are easy learning, ease of use, saving time and money, automatic software installer, availability of educational materials, online support and etc.

In this section, we have included tutorials related to cPanel for your learning. The purpose of this tutorials is to get acquainted with the main parts and other applications of the very popular cPanel control panel.

Web Disk on Cpanel

Web Disk on Cpanel

alexander wood
4 Min Read
Move backup from Cpanel to the DirectAdmin

Move backup from Cpanel to the DirectAdmin

alexander wood
17 Min Read

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