Port Forwarding on the Mikrotik

Tutorial Port Forwarding on the Mikrotik.

Port Forwarding is one of the most commonly used firewalls and routers today.

This means that you can assign a specific port to a specific service on your network so that the user can access it by entering that port in their software or browser.

For example, you have a website with port 8080 inside your organization, and Mikrotik is located as a router between your organization’s internal network path and the Internet. Now, if you are considering outsourcing your IP address or domain with a port to the software within the organization, you should use a forwarding port.

Tutorial Port Forwarding on the Mikrotik

1. Login with winbox to your own MikroTik server with admin privileges.

2. Then click “Firewall” from the “IP” menu.

3. From the Firewall page, click on the “Nat” tab to open its settings.


Port Forwarding on Mikrotik


In the “NAT” tab, click on the “+” item to create a rule.

Then adjust the settings as follows.

Chain: Set this section to dstnat.

Protocol: If you want a particular protocol packet to be forwarded only, set the Protocol option.

dst port: In this section, enter the port you want to access on the Internet.

Then go to the Action tab.

Action: Set this option to dst-nat.

To Addresses: Enter the address of the server inside your organization in this section.

To port: Enter the internal server port where you intend to transfer traffic to.

Note: You can either input and output ports alike or import ports differently.

This will enable you to perform port forwarding operations in Mikrotik.

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