CloudFlare CDN and CDN features

CloudFlare CDN and CDN features

Recently, we explained the CDN. In this article, you get more familiar with Cloudflare CDN and CDN features. CDN is a content delivery technology that is placed between your main host and the web visitor and displays the information.

CloudFlare CDN and CDN features

What is CloudFlare CDN

CDN CloudFlare was launched in 2009 in San Francisco, California.
The company began its operations based on security in the provision of web services, as well as increasing the efficiency of websites. In the following, you would learn the importance of using CloudFlare CDN. CDN CloudFlare is one of the safest and fastest CDNs in the world. The company has a special popularity among web managers by providing the desired service as well as many features.

CloudFlare CDN features


1- Prevent security threats

In the CloudFlare CDN system, some security attacks will be saved, because the location of your server is behind the CloudFlare CDN service.

DDOS attacks, SQL injection attacks that require a direct destination server to infiltrate, have been largely eliminated in this service. As shown below, when a hacker attacks your servers, the hacker will encounter Cloudflare CDN servers and connect to your server with other servers. So visitors of your website can easily connect to your host through another server.

2- Prevent spam crawlers

It was reported that there are crawlers on the internet that go to different websites and enter advertising phrases in different sections of the survey. CDN CloudFlare has largely prevented these spam bots from entering your site with the security settings it has made on its cloud.

3- Reduce bandwidth consumption and server resources

As your site’s fixed information is cached on CloudFlare CDN servers, the connection to your host will be limited to reading new and dynamic HTML codes. The codes will greatly reduce your bandwidth and hardware resources.

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4- Free use of Cloudflare CDN server

Before the introduction of CDN services by companies, large companies designed their CDNs and set it up at a very high cost for greater efficiency. But today, with the introduction of the free CDN CloudFlare service on all corporate sites, the small website can take advantage of this feature.

5- The website is always active

One of the most important features of CloudFlare CDN is caching your site’s information. It remains active even when your server is down or offline.

6- Better and more advanced compression

CDN CloudFlare has the ability to compress information such as CSS, HTML code to speed up your web performance.

7- Provide an analysis system

Most webmasters are looking for a reputable website analytics system. By connecting to a CloudFlare CDN, you will have a very stable and powerful analysis system.

8- Purge Cache feature

CDN CloudFlare is constantly looking for your website’s cache in the background. So it provides all your information to the visitor without interruption.

You can see an example of the accumulation of CloudFlare servers around the world in the photo below.


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