Introducing JetBackup For Linux Server

Introducing JetBackup For Linux Server

Previously, Amanda was introduced to you. In this article, we are going to present the Introducing JetBackup For Linux Server. As you guess, JetBackup should be a backup software and it is true. Since the reasons for providing a regular backup from the server is clear, JetBackup is Developed by JetServer LTD and helps you to reach your security targets. In the web hosting industry JetBackup is one of the brilliant backup solutions. You may have prepared a Dedicated Server and need to consider your data security by using a perfect back up tool. If yes, continue reading to get more familiar with JetBackup.

JetBackup For Linux Hosting

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Introduction To JetBackup

You may have heard the name JetApps, this is the former name of this software. When JetServer LTD and Control Panel solutions and Inc formed a strategic partnership but the product name changed to JetBackup. After a successful ”self-service” backup and restore to their exclusive web hosting clients, JetBckupManager was releas to the public as a retail product. While you try to set up a perfect website you may face some fails so you are recommending to keep offsite copies of your data.

JetBackup allows you to experience safe download backups in cPanel because the plugin of JetBackup is available in cPanel. It uses them to manage and restore the website files and databases from the available backups. It is the fastest-growing backup software in the cPanel industry because its license count has reached more than 2000% growth. Also, the support technicians in the JetBackup team are cPanel certified. Not different you need remote or local incremental backup, JetBackup is ready to be useful for you in both of them and back up the entire content of your website and keep a copy of your email, database, files, and other data. You are not able to download a copy of your current live website but you can access the backups that JetBackup has already done.

Tutorial JetBackup For Linux Server

You can easily start your website backup with JetBackup after login into cPanel and view the JetBackup section. For a specific date and time, you can download and restore backups of your hosting plan. The backups are such as full account backup, files, emails, DNS zone, cronjobs, database, and SSL certificates. In the following, you can read about some examples of the above list.

JetBackup in cPanel


You can decide to download your backups such as your SSL certificates, emails, databases. For example, when you want to use JetBackup to restore or download the backup of your SSL certificates, you would view as below:

JetBackup for SSL certificates


But if you follow the recommended option, you will choose to download a full website backup to let it back up all your site data such as emails and databases. This option is calling Full Account Backup.

JetBackup full backup


When you click on Generate Download, you must confirm it too. The download progress screen would display as below:

JetBackup download of backups


The download link will found on the same page when it ends the backup. If you click on the link, the backup will start downloading to your computer.

While you are using the File Backup section, you are allow to restore any files and folders you want from the disaster recovery Server to your hosting server. But if you prefer to restore any databases within your account back to their state and be able to see your databases list and the time that database backup was taken you must choose the Database Backups section.

Recommended Article: Introducing JetBackup For Linux Server

JetBackup Features

Product stability is the main target of JetBackup developers. JetBackup uses secure coding practices that the codebase is regularly controlling by an external security provider. Generally, security is one of the most important factors in this software which is consider well. JetBackup has designed the features to be able to give hosting providers additional revenue streams from their clients. There are some other considerable features such as:



Multi schedules



Account Filters

Account Filters







Hybrid Backups

Hybrid Backups



Custom Hooks

Custom Hooks


In this article, you have learned Introducing JetBackup For Linux Server. Safe your data by using this software as a backup solution and backup your cPanel account quickly. With JetBackup you can create filters to include or exclude accounts by disk space, reseller, and cPlanel packages. In case you are interested in reading more, find our related article on Tutorial make a full backup of Host Cpanel.

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