set up Wamp server on windows 10

How to install Wampserver

In this article, we learn about set up the Wamp server on windows 10. Wamp server is a PHP and MySQL web server package distributed for Windows so that PHP programming language lovers can perform their tests locally on Windows. The function of WampServer is exactly the same as Xampp, and users choose one of them for ease of use.

In the previous articles, we discussed  how to install Xampp on Windows 10 and explain its capabilities, and now in this article, we will teach you how to install Wampserver.


WampServer stands for Windows Apache MySQL PHP, designed and distributed by Romain Bourdon. A similar version of WampServer has been released for Mac systems called MAMP, which stands for Mac Apache MySQL PHP.

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WampServer capabilities

1- Immediate execution

2- Support for the latest versions of PHP

3- Support for the latest version of Apache

4- Full support for MySQL

5- Being free


Prerequisite for installing WampServer

To install WampServer and run it properly, you need to have Visual C ++ library installed on your system.

To do this, download and install vrcedit from the link opposite. (Download Visual C++)

Then go to set up the Wamp server on windows 10.


set up Wamp server on windows 10

1- First download the WampServer file.

Download 32-bit version of WampServer

Download 64-bit version of WampServer

Note that WampServer has two versions, 32-bit and 64-bit, in which you must select the correct version for your operating system.

2- After downloading, double-click on the installation file to start the installation process.

3- In the first step, select the desired language.


first step for set up wamp on windows 10


4- After checking the WampServer Agreement license, click Next.


second step for wamp setup on windows


5- In this section, you will receive a message to install the Visual C ++ library, which you installed in the prerequisite installation step.

Click Next.


third step for install wamp server on windwos 10


6- On this page, specify the installation path of WampServer.


select wamp setup address on windows


7- In this section, specify the name of the folder that you will see in the start bar and click Next.


set wamp folder name on windows 10


8- Finally, click Install to start installing WampServer.


click to install wamp server on windows


wamp server progress to install


information about wamp setup on windows


Finally, click on Finish to complete the installation of WampServer successfully.


wamp server setup is finished


From now on you can have a PHP web server on your system with WampServer.

Keep in mind that by installing Wamp you can have a complete web server in Windows and use your personal web hosting. To launch this service, you can also buy a Windows virtual server and use it.

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