Install Gnome environment on Debian 8

Install Gnome environment on Debian 8

Recently we did present an article about Debian. Today we are going to learn you how to install the Gnome environment on Debian 8. So first let’s know more about Gnome itself. Gnome desktop environment is a popular open-source graphical environment. The company released the first version in 1999. The Gnome desktop environment can be installed on most Linux and also supports some Unix distributions of BSD. Gnome supports 40 different languages. The first company which officially introduced it as its desktop environment was Redhat. In the Debian environment, the Gnome environment is installed by default. It is highly compatible with the Debian operating system. But in minimal mode installing Debian or Gnome desktop environment server is not installed by default. To install the Gnome environment on Debian 8, you must enter the desired command and after confirmation, the Gnome package will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Install Gnome environment on Debian 8

1– First, connect to your server terminal environment.
2– Enter the following command to download and install the Gnome graphics environment.

apt-get install task-gnome-desktop

After checking and confirming the prerequisites, you should confirm the Gnome downloading.

Note: The full Gnome desktop package for Debian in version 8 is around 2600 MB. The Debian DVD may ask you to install the DVD when installing Gnome.

So far, you’ve learned how to install Gnome on Debian 8, and we’ll teach you how to clean Gnome.

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Clear the Gnome environment from Debian 8

Enter the following command to clear the Gnome environment in Debian.

apt-get remove gnome

After completing the above command, enter the following command to clear all downloaded packages.

apt-get autoremove

You finished the tutorial installing and cleaning Gnome on Debian 8 here. Watch to not miss our future related articles.

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