Introducing Fastest DNS Servers

Introducing Fastest DNS Servers

The best way to speed up your web browsing is to use DNS. DNS performs the task of converting the site address to IP. So the faster the DNS server, the faster the browsing sites open and the faster your internet connection. The purpose of this article is to Introduce the Fastest DNS Servers. It should be noted that you can visit the packages available in Eldernode if you wish to purchase a VPS server.

What is DNS Server?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. To put it simply, DNS is like an Internet phonebook. Just as you get a phone number to access and make a phone call to a person’s home, DNS turns it into an IP to access a specific domain, such as

Fortunately, many Internet processes are automating. Like DNS. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically provides you with access to a DNS service each time you use the Internet. So whatever URL you enter, the DNS will find its IP address.

A DNS server is any computer that is registering and recognizing for membership in the Domain Name System (DNS). In fact, requests are managing using DNS Server. Each DNS server operating on a network for the purpose of specific software has a public IP address and a database of network names and addresses of other Internet hosts.

DNS servers are organizing and operate in a hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy, the Internet has 13 root servers, which are known for their major role, complete database, and comprehensive performance. These servers are owning by well-known and independent companies.

A DNS server is a computer server that has a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in most cases, the DNS server acts as an analyzer (resolver) or translator of IP addresses. DNS Server on the Internet and in the field of hosting is a system that converts the domain name to IP.

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How to find the fastest DNS server?

DNS speed depends on several factors. Including location, distance to the nearest server, server power, and bandwidth, and so on. Here we introduce you to two online services so that you can identify the most suitable DNS.

1. DNS Jumper: A free tool for testing public DNS services to find the best option for you. Just request a test for the software. It then lists the fastest DNSs for you.

2. DNSPerf: This tool tests different DNS from around the world and puts a list of them on its site.

Introducing the fastest DNS servers

As mentioned, the DNS server is an intermediary between you and the server. You should know that choosing a good and fast DNS can increase the speed of your internet and be significantly different from the case that you do not use it. So you should use the best DNS server in your system or modem. In the continuation of this article, we will review 5 high-speed DNS servers. Please join us.

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Google Public DNS

As you know, Google has provided many services for users on the web and the Internet. This company has always been either better or at least more acceptable in its services than other companies. Google has many web-based tools. It can be said that one of the best public and free DNS belongs to Google. It has also attracted many users due to its high speed and security.

Google DNS is one of the most effective, fastest alternatives to the ISP domain name system. So putting it on the list of the best DNS is the right decision. The most important advantage of Google DNS is the privacy and security it provides for all users.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:


Most webmasters and designers consider Cloudflare to be one of the best CDNs or content distribution networks. The company’s DNS, which is one of the best DNSs today, has capabilities such as performance, super speed, high level of security, and privacy, which has made it a strong competitor for Google in this field. Another advantage of this DNS is having a private forum for questions and answers and support for users. Also, the convenience of its IP address has made it possible for users to use Cloudflare due to the ease of remembering the IP address.

Cloudflare focuses more on principles (things like improving performance and speed). Privacy is also another advantage of Cloudflare. You can connect your WordPress website to Cloudflare and in addition to the benefits of site speed, you can access a list of free features.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:


cloudflare dns



Cisco, known to most people as a network and server equipment maker, established a DNS server in 2005 called OpenDNS, one of the largest public DNSs.

This DNS server has free benefits such as high speed, blocking access to phishing and fake sites, having strong support via email, having the ability to block some content and sites. Of course, this site has more features for ordinary users who are locked up, they have to pay $20 per year.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:




Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Group is a hosting service team that in addition to hosting services, also provides DNS services to users. One of its strengths is the protection of the security and privacy of users and blocking phishing sites. It can also keep you away from spyware and malicious content. It even warns you when you visit sites with malware, spyware, or pop-ups.

Note: If you want more features, the Dome Shield service is a good alternative to this collection, which is part of the paid services.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:


comodo dns



Quad9 is one of the newest DNS services that provide Internet services with the fastest and easiest possible mode. This newly entered DNS server has a relatively high speed. One of its strengths is blocking infected sites, but it does not have much competition with other DNS and its position and infrastructure can not be compared with its competitors.

There is no qualitative discussion about this DNS. It has a score of 7 out of 10 in the world rankings, after Cloudflare and OpenDNS, and of course in a better position than Comodo.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:


Quad9 dns


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Your ISP assigns you a DNS server every time you connect to the Internet, but the DNS servers offered by ISPs may not always be the best choice. Low-speed DNS servers can delay the loading of websites, and if your server is sometimes out of reach, you may not be able to access any site at all. So choosing a fast and the quality DNS server can be helpful. In this article, we tried to introduce you to 5 of the fastest DNS servers.

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