How to Buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin(BTC)

How to buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

In the field of hosting, a dedicated server means a computer with specific hardware resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, etc.) that uses data center services such as DC power, adequate bandwidth, cooling system, and dedicated IP. It is also possible to communicate remotely through the intranet or the Internet. The user in this type of service can communicate remotely with his server from anywhere. It is also possible to easily install the required operating system and software and implement the necessary settings without any restrictions from the provider company. In these services, hardware resources are completely dedicated and the user is free to use it. In this article, we intend to fully acquaint you with the dedicated server and How to Buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin in Eldernode.

How to buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin(BTC)

If you are planning to launch your own website and you want to buy a dedicated server, you need to know that there are several different options of hosting services in front of you. Sometimes choosing the right option is difficult. In this article, we will explain what a dedicated server is and how it can be useful for your business. By improving the speed and quality of your website or application, you will attract more users to your content and services.

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What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a web hosting server provided by a web hosting company and used specifically by an organization or individual. Dedicated server is one of the most expensive hosting services that can be used for large scale projects and has a very high degree of flexibility. Unlike shared servers, where many clients share the same server, on a dedicated server, one server is entirely available to only one user. Features such as operating system type selection, server hardware type, server security implementation, and the like are also available to the user.

In general, choosing and purchasing a dedicated server is suitable for hosting heavy websites, large applications, and storing information such as backups. Small business websites do not need to be hosted on dedicated servers, but it is a good idea for businesses that are growing fast and widespread to use a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are much more powerful than other types of servers available, and the choice and purchase of the type of server will depend entirely on the users’ use of the server. If your site needs more resources from the server, we suggest buying a dedicated server.

When to use a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are generally needed when resources are far greater and more powerful than the resources allocated to VPS Servers. For example, when one or more web services related to a company that has special needs and customization and requires a lot of hardware resources to run, is to be placed on the relevant dedicated server, a dedicated server can be used. Also, when a website has many simultaneous visitors and needs powerful hardware resources to service, a dedicated server will be very useful.

Today, dedicated servers are offered to users in the form of two types of services, physical dedicated servers and dedicated cloud servers. These two types of services are in most cases quite similar and often dedicated cloud servers are a better choice due to their stability, security, performance and higher speed. If virtualization technology such as VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM is used on the server, the final solution is to use a physical dedicated server.

Dedicated servers with relevant hardware specifications such as RAM, CPU, hard disk, monthly traffic in the form of different plans are rented by Eldernode to users on a monthly or annual basis.

Note: One of the most important issues for choosing a dedicated server is the appropriate support and technical knowledge. Eldernode team is ready to host and provide you with a free consultation due to its brilliant history and working with various data centers around the world. You can send a ticket for free consultation or contact Eldernode online support.

Tutorial Buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin(BTC)

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

1. Performance and reliability

Dedicated servers give you unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This enables you to have complete control over the information and media that is made available to people, shared and stored on the site. Since the processor, disk space, memory, and other system resources are not shared with other people, such a server will not be slow and can handle large volumes of traffic.

2. Speed and availability

Dedicated servers will be the ideal option for you if you want to provide the best experience for your visitors. This type of server allows your visitors to access the pages on the site at high speed. This is especially important when you are running an online store and e-commerce site or launching a site for financial transactions.

3. Security and technical assistance

Since you are the only person who can access a dedicated server, you can enjoy the high level of security that exists. Dedicated server provides you with a unique IP address for better privacy and security and can provide a high level of protection against malware and other attackers. In addition, such a server can provide you with technical support. You can use the advanced control panel. This control panel makes accessing the features easier and makes site management easier.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

1. Cost and maintenance

One of the main disadvantages of using dedicated servers is that they are more expensive than other hosting options. A dedicated server is fully available to you, which increases its cost. Setting up, maintaining and repairing it is also a big challenge for site owners. Most businesses use virtual or shared servers for their sites.

2. Technical requirements

To develop a dedicated server and manage the site on which it is hosted, you must have a lot of knowledge and skills about networking. Some of the things you should be familiar with include IP routing, server mechanism, MX records, and more. If you do not want to learn such concepts, it is better to hire a professional admin or ask the hosting company to manage it for you. Dedicated server rarely crashes, but if it does, it will be a bit difficult to repair. If your site has a lot of traffic or has to process a lot of financial transactions, you can use this type of server well. If your business is new, it’s best to start with shared or virtual hosting.

Dedicated server locations in Eldernode

Eldernode is one of the largest and most reputable companies in the field of VPS servers and dedicated servers that provides these services to people all over the world. Dedicated server locations are currently located in 7 countries: USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Japan and Singapore, each of which is described below:

1. USA Dedicated Server

The USA dedicated servers are located in the top data centers in the country and are located in New York City, Dallas, Buffalo, Los Angeles. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy USA dedicated servers.

2. France Dedicated Server

France’s dedicated servers are located in the country’s top data centers and are located in Paris. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy France Dedicated Server.

3. Netherlands Dedicated servers

The Netherlands dedicated servers will be located in the top data centers of Amsterdam and other cities in the country. Netherlands data centers are one of the first providers of dedicated server services and have always used the best standards and the best facilities. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy Netherlands Dedicated servers.

4. Germany Dedicated servers

The Germany dedicated servers are located in the top data centers of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt. Germany data centers use the latest technologies in the IT world. All Eldernode racks in these data centers have powerful DDoS firewalls. It is important to know that all available dedicated servers are located in Germany data centers that use a powerful power monitoring system, liquid cooling system, and make users feel comfortable about providing the service. Germany dedicated servers have powerful Internet connection port and it can be said that all users can use these servers for virtualization, website and application hosting as well as dedicated services. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy Germany Dedicated servers.

5. UK Dedicated Server

UK Dedicated Servers are located in one of the most advanced data centers in London, which provides users with a combination of power and stability with the latest technology in the IT world. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy UK Dedicated Server.

6. Japan dedicated server

Japan’s dedicated servers are located in Tokyo‘s top data centers. Japan dedicated servers use the highest global standards for data centers and have the power distribution system required by the servers as well as a modern cooling system. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy Japan dedicated server.

7. Singapore Dedicated Server

Singapore’s dedicated servers are located in the country’s top data centers. You can see the available packages if you need to Buy Singapore Dedicated Server.

How to buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin from Eldernode

To buy a dedicated server from Eldernode using Bitcoin, just follow the steps below:

1. First, open the Eldernode website.

2. To purchase a dedicated server, you need to register on the site. To do this, click on Signup in the main menu of the site to join the site after entering your information. Return to the Eldernode homepage after subscribing to the site.


signup to eldernode


3. Now click on the dedicated server tab in the main menu of the site.


how to buy dedicated server


4. Scroll down a bit and select your desired location to buy a dedicated server from the available options.


available locations for dedicated servers in eldernode


5. At this stage, you will see different plans of dedicated servers. After selecting one of the plans, depending on your needs, click on Order.


different plans of dedicated servers


6. On this page, after filling in the required fields, you must right-click on the Continue option.


How to buy Dedicated Server in eldernode


7. You have now entered the review and checkout stage. Click Checkout on the right.


review and checkout the dedicated server


8. You have entered the paid details page. Here you can choose your payment type. If you want to deposit the desired amount via Bitcoin, select Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and All cryptocurrencies. Then click on Complete Order.


purchase dedicated server with bitcoin


how to buy dedicated server with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and All cryptocurrencies


9. Finally, after selecting the type of coin, click on Complete checkout.


selecting the type of coin


completing the checkout



In this article, we have tried to fully acquaint you with the dedicated server, its advantages and disadvantages. As the use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin is increasing day by day, so we tried to teach you How to buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin in Eldernode.

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