Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off

Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off

Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off. There are times when a user wants to know the start and shutdown dates of the computer. Often, system administrators need to know about history to troubleshoot.

If multiple users are using the same computer, it may be a good security measure to check when the computer is running and shutting down to ensure that the computer is being used legally.

In this article, we will offer two ways to track the history of turning off and on the computer.


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1- Using Event logs to extract on and off times

Event Viewer is a great tool that stores everything that happens on the computer. In each event the event viewer starts working.

The event viewer is operated by the eventlog service, which cannot be stopped or disabled manually because it is the core service of Windows kernel. It also enters the start and stop time of the eventlog service. You can use that time to get the computer on or off.

Eventlog service events are entered with two event codes. event ID 6005 indicates that the eventlog service has started and event ID 6006 indicates that the eventlog service has ended.

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Follow these steps to check these events:

a. First, open the Event viewer. (In Windows 8 with Windows Key + X + V you can find it and in Windows 10 search for the word Event viewer.)


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


b. Open Windows Logs from the menu on the left and click System.


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


c. From the right panel you will see a list of events that occurred while running Windows. There are three events that concern us, we must first categorize the Event ID.

Click on the Event ID tag to sort the information about the event ID column.


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


d. If your event log is large, the category will not work. You can also create a filter from the Actions menu on the right.


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


e. Enter the numbers 6005 and 6006 as shown in the Event IDs field. You can also specify how long to log in.


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


More Event IDs

Event ID 6005 means “Event login service started“. This means the system is turned on.

Event ID 6006 means “Event login service is over“. This means that the system is turned off.

If you want to check for more event logs, you can do so through Event ID 6013, which shows the computer update, and Event ID 6009, which shows the processor information detected at boot time.

Event ID 6008 lets you know when the system did not shut down completely and then launched.


2. Use TurnedOnTimesView

TurnedOnTimesView is a portable example tool for analyzing on and off times. This tool can be used to view the list of shutdown and startup times of local computers or any remote computer connected to the network.

Since this is a portable tool, you just need to decompress it and run TurnedOnTimesView.

The exe file immediately lists the start time, shutdown time, uptime between each startup and shutdown, the reason for shutdown, and the shutdown code.


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


The reason for shutdown is usually related to Windows server machines.

Go to Options to see when the remote computer turns on and off.

Then select Data source as Remote Computer from the Advanced Options section.

Specify the IP address or computer name in the Computer Name field.

Click the OK button.

Now shows the details list of remote computer.


Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off


While you can always use the event viewer to accurately analyze startup and shutdown times, TurnedOnTimesView can be used for the same purpose with a much simpler user interface.

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Windows Server Log Tutorial; Turn on and off.


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