5 Reasons Why MySQL On Linux Is Better Than Windows

5 Reasons Why MySQL On Linux Is Better Than Windows

MySQL is the most popular open-source database management system. Nowadays, database is considered as one of the fundamental concepts of the world of information technology and is used in various fields, especially web and application development. In the database, the information is kept and stored according to certain rules. The management of the information stored in the database is done through the Database Management System (DBMS). One of the popular database management systems is MySQL. In this article, we are going to mention 5 Reasons Why MySQL On Linux Is Better Than Windows. You can visit the plans offered on the Eldernode website to buy a Linux VPS server.

Why MySQL On Linux Is Better Than Windows?

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1. The Operating System is Free

Because Linux is open-source and freely available to others, it has a very special advantage of being installed on other operating systems. Because there is no cost to the user. Also, the code used to create Linux is free and available to view, edit, etc. for users with the knowledge to modify it. It means that they can easily make the necessary changes in it.

2. There’s No Need to Pay for Software Updates

Unlike the Windows operating system, which is provided on the basis of a license and needs to be paid for, Linux does not cost anything and its updating is somewhat easier. So you will easily be able to update MySQL on Linux for free.

3. You Can Run Multiple Instances of MySQL at Once

Sometimes you may need to run multiple instances of MySQL on the same server. For example, you may need to test different MySQL instances for staging, testing, and production. There is no simultaneous execution of Multiple Instances of MySQL on Windows. While this work is easily done on the Linux operating system.

4. You Don’t Have to Install Any Third Party Software

A third-party application is an application created by a vendor (company or individual) that is different from the manufacturer of the device and/or its operating system. Third-party apps are sometimes referred to as developer apps because many of them are created by independent developers or app development companies. It’s no secret that third-party apps can increase productivity, enable remote and hybrid working, and are generally essential in building and scaling a company’s work processes. But if you want to install MySQL on Linux, you don’t have to install Any third party software and this will make your work very simple.

5. You Can Easily Upgrade from One Version to Another

One of the most important tasks that every computer user should do is to update and upgrade the operating system and software. Maybe some users do not know the importance of updating the operating system and software, but it is usually the case that if an update is released for a program or operating system, that update does not have an appearance aspect. So, updates are released to solve the problems of the operating system and programs, or to improve and increase efficiency. To update the Linux os and its software, you must first pay attention to the type of your Linux distribution. Therefore, you will easily be able to upgrade the new versions of MySQL in the Linux operating system.

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MySQL server database is one of the most popular database servers in the world. Big brands like Facebook and Google have used it. Also, the large and important collection of Wikipedia also uses this database server for its database infrastructure. In this article, we tried to explain to you 5 Reasons Why MySQL On Linux Is Better Than Windows. If you have any questions related to this article, you can share them with us in the comments section.

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