How to test a Secure Password

How to test a Secure Password

How to test a Secure Password. You may be wondering if your chosen password is secure and impenetrable. The answer is that no password is impenetrable and all passwords are vulnerable, but how long it takes for your password to be hacked is important.

In this article, we will tell you how to test the secure password so that you can test the security status of your chosen password.


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Password Hack

Password hacking in today’s world is one of the most common ways to access a system or account.

Attacks such as Brute Force are one of the methods used to obtain a password. In this method, test multiple passwords enough to get your original password.

Alternatively, you can retrieve the password file in Windows or Linux and encrypt your password hash to finally access it.

On Windows operating systems, there is a file called SAM, and on basic Unix operating systems, there is a file called Shadow where all passwords are stored. This file is hashed inside your password file.

Password hashes are reversible, but not simply what you think. If the password is long, it will be harder to reset it.

Tip: Using symbols, numbers, and uppercase and lowercase letters can make a password more complex and difficult to crack.

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How to test a secure password

In this article, we will introduce a site called HOW SECURE IS MY PASSWORD, which will allow you to enter your password to tell you how long it takes to crack your password.

To test your password, click on the link below:




1. After entering the site, enter your password in the specified field.


How to test a Secure Password


2. After entering the password in the specified box, you will be notified how long it will take to crack your password, or better yet, how long it will take to recover your password hash.


How to test a Secure Password


For example, in this site we have entered the password Donald2020)@#.

As you can see, it takes over two million years to crack the hash of this password, and it can be said that it is a secure and, of course, impenetrable password.

This way you will be able to test your password as well.


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How to test a Secure Password.


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