Introduction Kali Linux Server and its applications

Introduction Kali Linux Server and its applications

Introduction Kali Linux Server and its applications, Nowadays most people ask the question of what is Kali Linux and why it is used in penetration and hack test. Linux is a computer operating system that is known as one of the most popular operating systems because of its many capabilities.

Introduction Kali Linux Server and its applications

Due to the open-source operating system, the operating system has many extensions and versions, each of which is designed and developed for a specific purpose and purpose.

One of these versions, which is particularly useful for hacking and security and is a powerful operating system, is the Kali Linux operating system.

In this tutorial, we will review it.

What is Linux?

Linux was not originally an operating system. In fact, it was the core of code sharing between developers. Finally, in 1993, the first version of the Linux operating system was released and released. Perhaps the main reason why Linux is a popular operating system is that it’s free. Linux is open-source, which means that everyone has access to the kernel and can develop it. Since Linux is a free operating system, it has the advantage over Mac and Windows that cost tens of dollars to get it. Since 1993, different distributions of Linux have been offered so far. Each of these distributions has its own character and is developed for a specific purpose.

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What is Kali Linux?

So far, hundreds of different distributions for Linux have been provided by individuals and companies. Each of these distributions has its own characteristics. Operating systems like Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, BackTrack and many more. We will focus more on the Kali Linux operating system.


Kali Linux is the most powerful hack and intrusion tool

Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution of Linux. The operating system is designed and developed to perform intrusion testing and vulnerability detection of various types of computer systems. Prior to Kali Linux, security professionals and hackers used Linux backups to perform their tests and intrusions. But with the introduction of Kali Linux, most people migrated to it and somehow replaced Kali Linux with the backtrack.

The Kali Linux operating system includes hundreds of different tools for performing security tests and intrusions into computer systems. Each of these tools has high power and special features.

This powerful operating system has a very high penetration capability. Anyone working in the field of hacking and security should be familiar with this operating system and its various tools. In fact, Kali Linux has been a great tool for hackers to easily access other systems, and for security professionals to identify and work around vulnerabilities.

Various Kali Linux tools

As mentioned, the Kali Linux operating system has more than 600 permeability testing and hack tools. Some of these tools are extremely powerful in penetration and can easily handle complex intrusions with very little programming knowledge. However, Kali Linux provides people with the tool and people can use it with their knowledge.


Top 10 tools in Kali Linux Server:

  1. Aircrack-ng: A tool for intercepting and breaking passwords in wireless communications
  2. Burp Suite: A tool to penetrate web-based systems that use the HTTP protocol
  3. Wireshark: A tool for analyzing packets in network protocols
  4. Sqlmap: A tool for penetration testing through injection of SQL code
  5. Owasp Zap: Web-based tools vulnerability detection
  6. Metasploit: An environment for coding and hacking tools
  7. Nmap: Network search and scan tool and identify all active nodes in the network
  8. Maltego: A tool for identifying and collecting data before it can penetrate
  9. John the Ripper: A tool for breaking passwords
  10. THC Hydra: For Brute Force attacks
Introduction Kali Linux Server and its applications

In addition to the tools mentioned above, a more complete categorization of the Kali Linux operating system is available below.

  • Information Gathering: Includes a set of tools for gathering information
  • Web Application: Includes a suite of tools for penetrating web-based applications
  • Reporting Tools: Tools for reporting and gathering information
  • Hardware Hacking: A tool for Android and Arduino hack
  • Stress Testing: A set of tools for uploading and testing the system load
  • Reverse Engineering: A set of tools for reverse engineering systems
  • Sniffing / Spoofing: A suite of tools for detecting and performing impersonation attacks
  • Exploitation Tools: A tool for executing hack and intrusion codes and Exploit
  • Wireless Attacks: A set of tools to attack wireless installations and networks
  • Password Attacks: A tool for breaking passwords
  • Vulnerability Analysis: System vulnerability analysis and data gathering

Introduction Kali Linux Server and its applications


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