Tutorial Install and Run Whois on Kali Linux


In this article, we will introduce one of the techniques of information security assessment and information collection. Whois is one of the information gathering tools used in all Linux-based operating systems. In the following, you will learn How to Install and Run Whois on Kali Linux. You can checkout the packages offered on Eldernode website to buy a Linux VPS server.

How to Setup Whois on Kali Linux

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What is Whois?

Whois is a data collection service that provides a command-line client for the Whois protocol (RFC 3912) and queries online servers for information such as contact details for domains and IP address assignments. This feature enables suitable Whois server selection for most queries.

The Purpose of Data Retention in the Whois System

–> Strengthen Internet stability and security by providing network operators, computer incident response teams, and ISP’s with the right contacts.

–> Setting the domain name registration status.

–> Support law enforcement officials participating in national and international investigations.

–> Help fight against misuse of information communication technology.

–> Support investigations and actions necessary to prevent infringement of intellectual property.

–> Help businesses and organizations fight fraud and protect the public interest.

–> Maintaining overall user confidence in the Internet as an efficient and reliable means of communication.

–> Track spam or malicious behavior.

In the continuation of this article from the Kali Linux training series, we intend to teach you step by step How to Install and Run Whois on Kali Linux.

Installing Whois on Kali Linux

Before starting installation, Update the system packages using the command below:

sudo apt update

Then Install Whois with the following command:

sudo apt install whois

How to Run Whois on Kali Linux

Now, let’s review various tools of Whois and How to Run them on Kali Linux;

How to Run Mkpasswd on Kali Linux

This tool is a overfeatured front end to crypt(3). You can use this tool by running the command below:

mkpasswd -h

This is a client for the Whois directory service. Use the following command to run it:

whois --help
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In this tutorial, we reviewed the introduction and purposes of Whois which is a data collection service. Also you learned How to Install Whois and Run various tools of Whois on Kali Linux.

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