Difference between SSH and Telnet

Difference between SSH and Telnet

The difference between SSH and Telnet

‏ SSH is known as Secure Sell and Telnet is known as TeleNetwork . Both of these protocols are used to manage servers and network components such as routers, switches, etc. remotely. The main difference between SSH and Telnet is in the security which exists on SSH by default but is not on Telnet.
Telnet First introduced in 1969, is mostly used on private networks, which may not require much encryption. But SSH will be used in public networks where there is an urgent need to protect information and data.

Security comparison between SSH and Telnet

‏generally , data is sent in plain text in connection with Telnet. So, naturally, if this is done on an insecure network like the Internet, it can cause security problems, and anyone can sniff the instructions, or even steal identity information such as usernames and passwords.
But the SSH protocol uses special encryption to transmit commands and information, which makes it hard to sniff.
‏The important point of Telnet is about identifiable which is not done , as the time of data transfer will not checked to verify if the source point is the same as intended or not. This allows the other person to disrupt the connection and enter the commands they want. While in SSH we have a public key that performs the task of identifying the data source in each packet.

Overhead and bandwidth in secure shell and Telnet

For the same security reasons people are required to use SSH in public to consider some space for any of the packages that are being transferred to intend for security data purposes. Accordingly, people in SSH today need more bandwidth, which is called OverHead, and makes it difficult to use SSH if the Internet speed is too low. But Telnet can use the lowest bandwidth.

Why Telnet is still useful?

Therefore, Telnet security issues have caused many people to use secure shell instead today. But you may be wondering, then, why is there still Telnet?

‏Telnet is designed for specific purposes that still apply to these purposes. For example, it is still used in exam conditions and debugging. Of course, several patches and security tools have been developed for Telnet that still fail to provide SSH security and are used in all environments and public networks.

‏ What are distinguishing points between Telnet and SSH.

‏Let’s know about the difference and similarity between SSH and Telnet :

‏SSH and Telnet are both used for the same purposes.
‏SSH is much more secure than Telnet.
SSH encrypts the data, while Telnet sends the data as plain text.
‏SSH uses a public key to identify. While Telnet has no identity.
‏SSH adds a little to the overall overhead costs due to the data encryption information inside the transfer packets.

‏Anything you can do with TELNET is also be done with SSH. But today, SSH is used by users for greater security.

We hope you enjoy the summary of SSH and Telnet

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