The Top 5 Reasons to Choose an IPsec VPN over OpenVPN

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose an IPsec VPN over OpenVPN

A VPN protocol is a set of rules that specify how data is routed through your computer and the VPN server. These protocols have different specifications according to the conditions that make them different from each other. IPsec VPN and OpenVPN are VPN protocols and this article will introduce you to The Top 5 Reasons to Choose an IPsec VPN over OpenVPN. Check out the economical packages offered on the Eldernode website, if you want to buy a Cheap VPS server.

Why Choose an IPsec VPN over OpenVPN?

IPsec protocol or Internet Protocol Security is a set of popular protocols and services that provide security for IP networks. It secures your Internet traffic on an IP network and provides encryption throughout the Internet connection. This protocol works in two modes including Transport mode and Tunneling mode and both methods guarantee strong encryption.

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol that can be configured and used for different ports and encryption types. It supports several encryption algorithms, the most common AES and Blowfish.

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1- IPsec is Faster Than OpenVPN

Since OpenVPN is implemented in user space and is not very lightweight, its speed is lower than IPsec. While IPsec is implemented in the kernel IP stack and is close to the kernel, it allows fast encryption and decryption. It has generally fast speeds. Remember that OpenVPN over UDP provides higher speeds than OpenVPN over TCP.

2- IPsec VPN Allows you to Apply IP-based Restrictions

IPSec creates encrypted tunnels using predefined communication channels such as UDP 500 and UDP 4500 and transmits encrypted data using ESP. It allows you to apply IP-based restrictions based on IP and perform encoding at the TCP/UDP layer. But in OpenVPN, you choose to use a UDP port or TCP. It can bypass restrictive Firewalls without an issue.




3- It is more Secure Than OpenVPN

Both of these protocols use a secure algorithm for encryption and certificates for authentication. That’s why both these protocols are secure, but IPsec is more secure than OpenVPN. Because IPsec offers the highest level of encryption and there are no known security vulnerabilities. Also, it supports a variety of algorithms and ciphers like RSA, PSK and others. While OpenVPN has a limited number of vulnerabilities.

4- The Installation Process of IPsec VPN is Easier

Many modern operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and etc support IPsec VPN. Also, you can directly install it on different operating systems and also use it out of the box. While OpenVPN requires additional software that the operating system usually does not have installed by default.




5- IPsec VPN is more compatible

IPsec VPN has built-in support for a wide variety of operating systems and devices. Also, many desktop and mobile operating systems support IPsec VPN natively. So, It doesn’t need a third-party application to run. But OpenVPN doesn’t need built-in support.

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IPsec VPN provides protected communications between two endpoints over an IP network by ensuring the authentication and encryption of data packets. In this article, we explained the Top 5 reasons to choose an IPsec VPN over OpenVPN. I hope that with this article’s help, you could choose the best and most suitable VPN. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us in the Comments section.

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