Introduction and check of Burp Suite capabilities

Introduction and check of Burp Suite capabilities

Burp Suite is an application software for web application security inspection. This software includes tools that together provide you with modern and functional software. It should note that this software is offered by Portswigger and is published in two versions, professional and free. This program gives the user complete control and allows them to combine different and advanced techniques. So it makes it work faster, more efficiently and more enjoyable. Burp Suite is very simple, easy and configurable, and has many powerful features to help those who are testing software. Its professional version includes multiple tools and an automatic scanner. At the same time, the free version is complete and includes all the basic tools. In this article, we intend to provide you with an Introduction and check of Burp Suite capabilities. If you want to buy a VPS server, you can see the packages available in Eldernode.

Introduction Burp Suite

Burp Suite is one of the most attractive tools in both defensive and offensive security. This tool is using as a set of tools or a platform to perform security tests on web applications. The various tools in this toolkit can work together to provide you with full support for the security testing process of a Web application.

Sometimes you can use the Burp Suite to identify software and security bugs in a Web application. You can even perform the desired attack on the Web Application after analysis using the same set of tools and identify the vulnerabilities in this software.

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What is Burp Suite

Burp Suite is an integrated software for checking and testing the security of software in the network. The various tools of this program work seamlessly together to complete all stages of security testing. From initial planning to detect the risk of various software, finding viruses, and fixing network security flaws and weaknesses.

Burp software is easy to use and productive. So that the user can easily use it for the first time. This program can be used in any situation and has many efficient features to help most professional users. Burp software gives you full control, integrating basic techniques with the most advanced automated tools, running faster and more efficiently, and enjoying work.

In the continuation of this article, join us to acquaint you with the modules and capabilities of Burp Suite.

Burp Suite software environment

In this section, we will review the Burp Suite software tabs, which include the following:

Target: You can use this tool to collect all web application resources for identification.


target tab in burp suite


Proxy: Using the proxy tab, all web application traffic can be analyzed and edited.




Spider: This tool allows you to browse the Internet according to specific algorithms and patterns.

Scanner: A comprehensive web application security scanner that is only available in the Professional version.

Intruder: Using this tool, you can automate all web application requests and find security vulnerabilities.

intruder tab


Repeater: A powerful tool using to edit and submit web requests.


repeater tab in burp suite


Sequencer: A tool using to check tokens and cookies, etc.


sequencer tab in burp suite


Decoder: This allows you to decrypt or encrypt data.


decoder tab in burp suite


Comparer: This tool is using to find changes on a web page.

Introduction of Burp Suite modules

Burp Suite gives you advanced capabilities that allow you to manually make changes to the data inputs of a web application. Burp Suite is widely using, especially in the field of hacking and penetration testing of web-based software, but the important modules of this software are as follows:

Proxy Module: The Burp Suite tool can eavesdrop on the traffic passing between the client and the webserver by introducing itself as an intermediate proxy server. It can also make the necessary changes to requests submitted by URLs.

Spider module: Like Google Crawler, it can check all the pages of a website and list its content.

Professional Web Security Scanner: This scanner tool can scan and identify a large number of known Web Vulnerabilities within websites.

Intruder tool: Using this tool, you can also perform an attack after identifying Vulnerabilities using Burp.

Repeater tool: Using this tool, you can receive special requests from the client and send them to the server after manipulation.

Sequencer tool: Using to test communication session tokens.

Check Burp Suite capabilities

Burp Suite gives you advanced capabilities that allow you to manually make changes to the data inputs of a web application. It also allows you to work in the field of security. Here are 7 features of Burp Suite:

1. Ability to review and reduce the amount of data between the browser and the target application

2. Covert inspection, to quietly review the content and performance of programs

3. Advanced network scanner to detect and identify various types of shortcomings and weaknesses

4. Cleaning tool, for a purposeful and powerful attack on bugs and fix unusual damage

5. Duplicate tool for re-running and sending specific requests

6. Sequence tool for random testing of inputs, the ability to save your actions and continue working at another time

7. Extensibility, the ability to execute custom attachments, perform very specific and complex tasks in the Burp program


Burp Suite is one of the most widely used tools among intrusion testing engineers and people whose job is to find bugs in networked software and websites. In this article, we tried to introduce you to Burp Suite and check its important capabilities. You can read our articles on how to install BurpSuite on Debian 10 and Kali Linux if you wish.

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