Tutorial Install Rkhunter on Centos 8

Tutorial Install Rkhunter on Centos 8

Rkhunter or RootKit Hunter is a tool using to detect security breaches and backdoors installed on the Linux operating system. It also scans files by examining them on the operating system. Because there may be a security flaw in any file and it can be used by hackers to infiltrate the operating system. RootKit Hunter acts as an anti-virus engine and secures the operating system by examining suspicious files. In this article, we are going to teach you about Tutorial Install Rkhunter on CentOS 8. It should note that you can visit the packages available in Eldernode to purchase a CentOS VPS server.

How to Install Rkhunter on Centos 8 step by step

Rkhunter is a shell script that performs various checks on the local system. Therefore, by doing these checks, rootkits and known malware are detected. Rkhunter also checks to see if commands have been modified, if system startup files have been modified, or if various checks have been performed on network interfaces. Including reviews of listening programs. In the continuation of this tutorial, we want to show you how to install Rkhunter on CentOS 8. Please join us.

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Rkhunter Features

One of the features provided by Rkhunter is scanning the modified properties of the file, such as some criteria used by file integrity search engines. It all depends on making sure you have the right database to scan. In general, this can be achieved by installing Rkhunter right after installing the clean operating system.

Rkhunter is not a response tool. Counts only the threats encountered. It’s up to you to read the log file and check for suspicious activity. It should note that the Rkhunter team includes documents with each version that you can also find online.

Another source of information is the Rkhunter-users mailing list archive. If you can not find a solution to your problem in those sources of information, would like to suggest improvements or would like to discuss a breach of security you are invited to join the Rkhunter-users mailing list. If you would like to submit a patch you can also use our Sourceforge bug tracker.

This scan tool requires root power to perform a manual scan. Or it takes root power to create a Cron job. Therefore, you need root power to view the report in /var/log/.

Install Rkhunter on Centos 8 | Centos 7

In this section, we want to show you how to Install Rkhunter on Centos 8. To do this, just download the latest epel-release rpm using the following command:

After you have downloaded the file, you now need to install epel-release rpm by running the following command:

rpm -Uvh epel-release*rpm

Finally, after successfully executing the above command, you should now install the Rkhunter Rpm package by running the following command:

dnf install rkhunter

How to Configure Rkhunter on CentOS 8

In this section, we will discuss how to configure Rkhunter. Note that for regular reviews, the review script is installed under the [cron.daily] directory. So it can be run every day by Cron. Run the following command to edit the configuration file:

vi /etc/sysconfig/rkhunter

To set the recipient’s address to send the report, run the following command:


Use the following command to update the database:

rkhunter --update

You can use the following command to update system features:

rkhunter --propupd

You can use the following command to execute the check. Note that in the following command [–sk] means to press the Enter key. Also [–rwo] means only alerts:

rkhunter --check --sk

How to Use Rkhunter on CentOS

After successfully installing and configuring Rkhunter, you can now start the manual scan by issuing the following command:

rkhunter -c

The above command executes Rkhunter in interactive mode. That is, when a scan is complete, you must press “enter” to continue. So note that if you want to use the “Auto Search” interactive mode, add the -sk option at the end, like the below command:

rkhunter -c -sk
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Rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is a security monitoring and analysis tool for POSIX compliant systems. This tool helps users find known rootkits and malware and mark public security breaches. In this article, we tried to teach you how to Install Rkhunter on Centos 8. It should note that if you wish, you can refer to the article How to Install Rkhunter on Ubuntu 20.04.

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