10 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting

10 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting

As your website grows, it’s important to know when to move your site to a powerful and advanced server. There are many options in this regard and you can transfer your site to different servers. To choose the right server, you need to find the reasons for wanting to upgrade. You may experience an immediate increase in traffic or expect an increase in site traffic in the future. Dedicated servers are absolutely ideal for this, with their strong security features and potential positive impact on page load times. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to 10 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting. You can visit the packages available on the Eldernode website to purchase a Cheap Dedicated Server.

Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server in 2022

The Dedicated Server is a web hosting option where a physical server is dedicated to a specific customer. In fact, the client uses all the server’s facilities exclusively and has full control over the server, and can optimize it for their needs. It is turned on 24 hours a day in the data center and is connected to the World Wide Web. Since the Dedicated servers are sensitive, they should be managed by expert administrators so that the sites and files on the server are at the right level in terms of security and quality. This computer gives you more control over your website and other websites cannot impact your website.

In the continuation of this article from the Dedicated Server training series, we will explain 10 reasons to choose a dedicated server over shared hosting.

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1- The Dedicated Server is more Secure than Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting, the server is shared by several users, and for this reason, they are more exposed to cyber attacks than a dedicated server. The Dedicated Server runs almost all kinds of scripts and software, and you can install any security software to add an extra layer of reliability to your server.




In a Dedicated server, your website deals only with your server and has fewer security risks. It comes with configured DDoS protection, IP address blocking, and other server-level security features.

2- It is one of the most expensive Servers

Since a Dedicated server is fully dedicated to your website, all maintenance costs are your responsibility. Dedicated Server costs 15 times more than Shared hosting. It has advanced options and because of this, its high price is justified. But in Shared Hosting, the server manager managed the server and the website owner has no involvement in its management. So it costs less.

3- The Dedicated Server is faster and more Reliable than Shared Hosting

The performance of one server depends on the technologies used in your hosting server such as SSD hard drive, cashing software, CDN and etc. Website performance plays a key role in attracting new visitors and increasing traffic. High website performance results in website optimization.

The Dedicated Server is faster and more reliable and provides more resources like CPU, RAM, etc to your website. They offer the full potential of the hardware, while the Shared Hosting servers host multiple clients on the same hardware and provide only part of its functionality.

4- Dedicated Servers provide High Bandwidth for your hosting needs

Bandwidth refers to the volume of information per unit of time and is a network measurement that shows the maximum capacity of a wireless communication link to transmit data through a network connection in a given period of time. Dedicated Servers allow you to choose the bandwidth you want and upgrade/downgrade it on the go. The available bandwidth to you on shared hosting is limited and shared among all users. It has slower connectivity.




5- Dedicated Servers have very High Scalability

Scalability is the ability of a system or application to handle increased user traffic. This management should be done in such a way that users do not notice any changes in the system. Some hosting providers offer limited scalability, but in many cases, they are not scalable. Dedicated servers have no competition for resources on the server and are very scalable.

You can upgrade your dedicated server hardware by sending a request to your hosting provider. You can even scale down if you need less traffic during certain time periods.

6- The Dedicated Server provides fast load times

The speed of the site is considered a very important category in SEO and user satisfaction, which has made website owners pay attention to this issue. You can reduce the site slowness of the site with the many methods but many of them require coding and technical knowledge. Dedicated servers provide fast loading times even when you have heavy traffic. The shared hosting limits the number of resources you can use, which slows down the overall speed of your website.




7- You can Customize the Dedicated Server

You can customize your Dedicated server in different modes as you wish. There are no restrictions with a dedicated server and it can be used in different ways according to your needs. But if you apply any changes to the back-end of shared hosting servers, it would apply to all users. So you are not able to customize shared hosting servers.




8- Dedicated Server allows you to Access all Resources of the Server

The Dedicated server doesn’t have shared server resources and other applications that share your space and clogs up your server’s RAM or CPU. But in the Shared Hosting server, you will share resources with other users and it does not belong to you. So, you won’t have exclusive access to resources.

9- Companies can use Dedicated Servers for a variety of purposes

Organizations and companies can use a Dedicated server for a variety of purposes such as Running sensitive software, Running an Internet website, Setting up a high-traffic website, Hosting multiple websites, Implementation of a dedicated Firewall, and Hosting private clouds. Most web hosting service providers run their products or plans on a Dedicated server. Hosting websites that require a lot of resources is one of the most common uses of Dedicated Servers.

10- It is a Good choice for whom can Configure the Server on their own

A Dedicated server is suitable for those who can manage the server alone and have technical experience. Using a Dedicated server, you will have full control over every aspect and you can choose the installed software, operating system and etc.




But if you do not have many technical skills in server management and you want to create an online presence, a shared server is better for you. In shared hosting, you will have limited management access and you will not be able to configure the software.

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You can rent a Dedicated server from a dedicated server provider and use it for your Web hosting needs.  In this article, we introduced and explained 10 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting. I hope you found this tutorial useful and that it helps you. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us in the Comments section.

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