Which Linux is a better option for a server?

Which Linux is a better option for a server

Which Linux is a better option for a server?

Centos or Ubuntu?

CentOS An open-source distribution in Linux, It is an enterprise-class operating system developed by Red Hat Enterprise in 2004 by Red Hat and supported by the CentOS community. CentOS is one of the best Linux distributions, it will give you full development capabilities just like RHEL. CentOS is highly customizable, secure and visible, these are the things we should appreciate for them! With the close proximity of RHEL, it receives complete updates at the organizational level from your class, which makes it a safe choice.

But most organizations that use CentOS use the operating system alongside the RedHat Enterprise Linux operating system, and with the support, they receive from RedHat, they can troubleshoot their CentOS operating systems in the event of a problem, CentOS is used as a Redundant and Backup server. In terms of architecture, CentOS distribution supports x86, x64, and i386 architectures, and today even CentOS supports PowerPCs.

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CentOS has some important features:

  • 1) Based on RHEL
  • 2) RHEL is supported by payment and is a commercial product.
  • 3) CentOS is a free product and has no RHEL brand across the system.
  • 4) CentOS is a good option as a lightweight operating system for hosting websites and applications.
  • 5) This Linux distribution is very stable and secure because it receives less but more tested updates from the
  • RHEL motherboard distribution.
  • 6) it has a smaller society development and use.
  • 7) RHEL is supported by payment and is a commercial product.

Ubuntu: it has Based on Debian’s architecture, Ubuntu has been one of the most popular choices for professional and personal use since the early days of its release in 2004. Ubuntu is an open-source and receives regular and quick updates to fix known bugs. Ubuntu, with its large number of software packages and capabilities, has made it one of the best options for any project.

Ubuntu with a large number of APPs available in the Software Center with more than 40,000 applications, this is a great option for customization and high-level security features. One of the great features of Ubuntu is that it is supported in a time frame. Newer versions of this system are called normal versions. In addition to the normal versions, Canonical has also released long-term supported versions (LTS). These editions are published almost every two years and are supported by the Center for many years.

There are three main ways to install Ubuntu on a computer:

  • 1) Replacing the current operating system with Ubuntu
  • 2) Install Ubuntu next to the current operating system
  • 3) Ubuntu runs on a USB memory stick

Some of the important property of Ubuntu :

  • 1) it’s free and open-source
  • 2) Based on Debian
  • 3) it is stable and fast
  • 4) It does not have a major virus
  • 5) Deb software packages are installed by the apt-get package management system
  • 6) Updated regularly
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The speed of each will also depend on the hardware you use, but both the Linux distribution of Saint-Os and Ubuntu in terms of speed are almost identical.

They become as much as you configure them. You need to properly configure and secure all your servers, settings and applications.

We hope to give you enough information about the fastest Linux distribution.

If you wish, you can order the Ubuntu VPS or the Centos VPS from here.

If you have any questions or problems, you can ask the Ask system to provide guidance.

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