How To Install Nishang On Kali Linux

How To Install Nishang On Kali Linux

Learn how to Install Nishang on Kali Linux step by step. In the following of Penetration Testing tools, in this article, you will learn about Nishang and the way of its installation on Kali Linux. To receive a secure Linux VPS or a secure BTS, check our perfect packages on Eldernode.

What is Nishang

When you decide to proceed with PowerShell for your post-exploitation, you do not need to write your own scripts. You can use the Nishang, as a collection of scripts and payloads. scripts categorized into various categories such as information gathering, scanning, privilege elevation, etc. This open-source framework enables the usage of PowerShell for offensive security and posts exploitation during Penetration Tests.

Tutorial Install Nishang On Kali Linux

Join us with this article to get more familiar with this well documented and its excellent help options.

Run the following command to install Nishang and any other packages on which it depends:

sudo apt-get install nishang
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Nishang Scripts And Playloads

Nishang has many interesting scripts, here are some of Nishang scripts and payloads:

1- ActiveDirectory

2- Antak – the Webshell

3- Backdoors

4- Bypass

5- Client

6- Escalation

7- Execution

8- Gather


10- Pivot

11- Prasadhak

12- Scan

13- Powerpreter

14- Shells

15- Utility

Type the following command to get help for any script or function:

PS C:\nishang> Get-Help [scriptname] -full

Note: When you run the script, you can use the help and not for the script itself. Also, be aware that the name of the function is the same as the script name.

Learn Install Nishang On Kali Linux

Look at the example below:

You need to use the command below if you need to see the  help about Get-WLAN-Keys.ps1

PS C:\nishang> . C:\nishang\Get-WLAN-Keys.ps1  PS C:\nishang> Get-Help Get-WLAN-Keys -Full

And to import all the scripts in the current PowerShell session run the following command:

PS C:\nishang> Import-Module .\nishang.psm1

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How To Uninstall Nishang

To remove the Nishang package itself, use the following command:

sudo apt-get remove nishang

And if you wish to remove the Nishang package and any other dependant packages which are no longer needed, type the command below:

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove nishang



In this article, you learned How To Install Nishang On Kali Linux. If you are reading these lines it means security is important for you and you have finished this guide. So, continue reading our related article on How to install Armitage on Debian 10.

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    1. Some antivirus programs can interpret Nishang’s code as some kind of malware. You can just use one method for this issue. Disable or uninstall any antivirus you have on your attacker system. (Uninstall is recommended)

    1. Finding the scripts re so easy, Scripts are organized into folders. To understand basic usage of the code and names and purpose of the scripts try to read the

  1. I received an error: operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software

    1. It is because you have started with PowerShell and Windows defender is enabled by default. You will have to download the Powerpreter.psm1 again as it is deleted.

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