How to Buy SSD NVMe VPS with Instant Setup

How to Buy SSD NVMe VPS with Instant Setup

When you are looking for solutions to implement your project and web application and buy VPS, you may come across an option called NVMe Virtual Server or NVMe VPS Servers. Although it is an new technology, it is still unfamiliar to many people and they do not know benefits of using it. This article will teach you how to buy SSD NVMe VPS with Instant Setup.



What is SSD NVMe?

NVMe or Non-Volatile Memory Express is a new technology that helps to remove some of the limitations. It is a protocol designed to use high-speed media storage. This virtual server not only stimulates hardware storage, but also other resources such as CPU and RAM. NVMe storage also uses a set of simple instructions for the use and efficiency of data analysis.

What is VPS?

A VPS is generally a virtual environment located on a physical server. The physical server mainly runs multiple VPSs that have their own dedicated resources. Also, developing, configuring and installing virtual servers is easy because users can choose the operating and more. It is important to note that VPSs provide an alternative to expensive dedicated servers and limited hosting accounts such as shared hosting. But it should be noted that server hosting offers different services from web hosting.

What is VPS used for?

  • Web hosting
  • Backing up data
  • Game server
  • Hosting a VPN
  • Hosting a server
  • Developing and testing code

SSD NVMe VPS Features

  • Increase reading and writing speed
  • Heavy workload control
  • Transfer a better user experience
  • Being standard NVMe
  • Having a powerful cache system
  • Optimize access to large databases

Tutorial Buy SSD NVMe VPS with Instant Setup

After being aware of features and applications of SSD NVMe VPS, now you can buy SSD NVMe VPS with instant setup. To do this, you must first register on the Eldernode website. First click on Signup and complete the registration steps:


eldernode-signup - ssd nvme


Eldernode offers different locations for VPS Servers:








ssd nvme vps-servers-Australia


Then click on BUY VPS to select your favorite plan:


buy-vps ssd nvme


Here you can see the plans, Choose one of them and click on See All Plans to order:





Now you should select your desired plan on monthly or yearly basis and click on Order now:




Now you are in configuration stage, Complete the stages and press Continue:




In Review & Checkout stage you can click on Edit and change anything you want, then press Checkout:


review-checkout - nvme vps


In this stage, fill in the blanks, then choose the Payment Details. Then Complete Order:


Checkout - SSD Nvme



In this article, we taught you how to register on Eldernode website and how to Buy SSD NVMe VPS with Instant Setup. You can contact us in Comments.

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