Fix: “zsh: command not found: nvm” Error on Mac

Fix zsh command not found nvm Error on Mac

The zsh command not found nvm error is a common issue faced by Mac users while trying to work with nvm (Node Version Manager). This error occurs when the zsh shell cannot locate the nvm command in its search path. Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting steps that can be follow to fix this error and ensure that nvm works smoothly on your Mac. In this guide, we will provide a solution to resolve the zsh command not found nvm error on your Mac. Mac OS users, if you want to enter the world of virtual servers, we recommend you to choose one of the types of VPS servers according to your needs and then buy with Perfect Money or digital currencies.

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Step 1: Check NVM Installation

Before proceeding with any fixes, it is necessary to ensure that nvm is properly installed on your system. Open a terminal and type the following command:

nvm --version

Now,  you can see the version number.

If not, you will need to install nvm using the following command from homebrew for your system:

brew install nvm

Step 2: Edit .zshrc File

The next step is to edit the .zshrc file, which is the configuration file for the zsh shell. Open a terminal and enter the command:

sudo nano /etc/zshrc

Look for any lines related to nvm and ensure they are uncommented (remove any preceding hashes ‘#’ if present). The relevant lines may look like this:

export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
. "/usr/local/opt/nvm/"\

Save the changes to the .zshrc file by pressing CTRL+X, followed by Y, and then Enter.

Step 3: Save the .zshrc File

After modifying the .zshrc file, it is necessary to save the file to make the changes effective. In the terminal, type the command:

source /etc/zshrc

This will reload the .zshrc file and update the shell with the modified configurations.

Step 4: Verify NVM Installation

To verify if the issue has been resolved, try running the nvm command once again:

nvm --version

If the zsh command not found nvm error no longer appears and it displays the version number, congratulations! You have successfully resolved the issue.


The zsh command not found nvm error can be frustrating, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily fix the issue on your Mac. By checking the nvm installation, editing the .zshrc file to include the necessary configurations, and saving the .zshrc file to apply the changes, you can ensure that nvm works smoothly without any command not found errors. With nvm working correctly, you can easily manage different Node.js versions on your Mac for your development needs.

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