How to Crack RDP Admin Server

How to Crack RDP Admin Server

Performing crack or brute force attacks on RDP Admin Server means testing the password list on the desired RDP Admin Server so that the original password can be obtained. Different programs and sites can be using to crack RDP Admin Server. Follow us in this article to learn you how to Crack RDP Admin Server. It should be note that you can visit the packages available in Eldernode to purchase RDP Admin Server.

Tutorial Crack RDP Admin Server

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Prerequisites for Crack RDP Admin Server

Many hackers use brute force to access VPS or RDP Admin servers to crack the server. In this way, you need the following prerequisites to crack the RDP Admin server.

First you need the following 2 tools:

1. KPORT SCAN: With the help of this tool, you can check your IP range to identify bright servers.

2. Nlbrute: One of the best software to run brute force attacks.

Then you need 3 lists to use the Nlbrute tool:

1. Passwordlist: Contains passwords that the RDP Admin server administrator may have used as a password. You can download the password list from the Internet. You can also create your own custom password with tools like crunch.

2. Userlist: A list of users that the server administrator may have used as a username.

3. IP list: The list of clear IP servers that should be attacked.

Follow us in the rest of this article to learn how to crack RDP Admin Server.

Crack RDP Admin Server

For Crack RDP Admin Server, in the first step, you must enter the countryipblocks website. Once you are logged in, you need to specify which country’s IP list you want. In fact, this IP list is the list you want to attack those servers.

Now, as you can see in the image below, you can select your list of servers by continent or country:


country ip blocks


Then check the IP range option and then click create acl.

Note that an IP list will be created for you that is suitable for server cracking.

Note: Not all servers in this list are turned on, and some are off and unused. Therefore, to find the list of turned on servers, you must use Kport Scan software.

In the next step, copy the IP list and then paste it into the Kport Scan software. Then hit the start button.

Kport Scan software

Kport Scan software does not require special settings. So enter the kport scan program and enter all your IP ranges in the left part of the program. Don’t worry if extra text is in your list it will be deleted automatically.




Enter the name of the country to which your IPs are absolute from the drop-down menu. (Optional)

Set the port to 3389 by default, which is the default rdp service port. Then click Start to scan the IPs.

Kport Scan stores the list of turned on servers in a text file called results.txt.

Note: Keep the active IP file for the next step.

How to crack RDP Admin Server with NL Brute

At this point you need to run the Nlbrute software. Then you have to call 3 lists in the software. (IP list, user list, password list)

After running Nlbrute, go to the WORK FILES tab. Now you have to enter all 3 lists in the Servers, Users and Passwords sections. Finally, click the Generate button to enter the list.


nlbrute software


No settings are required in the Setting tab and the default settings are appropriate.

Go to the BRUTE tab and click Start to launch a brute force attack on your server list. Each time a server is cracked, the Good count increases by one and indicates that a server is cracked. When done, the list of servers and their usernames and passwords will be placed in a text file.


nlbrute software to crack rdp admin


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The duration of the attack depends on the size of your 3 lists. The larger the list, the longer the attack time, and may take days or weeks. It should be noted that do not perform this process on your personal computer. Because the speed is low and it is not possible to turn on the computer for a few days. So you have to do this process on a VPS server to have high speed and power and you can continue the attack for even a few days.

In this article, we tried to learn you how to Crack RDP Admin Server. You can refer to the article How to crack Linux VPS if you wish.

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