How To Connect LogMeIn Remote Desktop On Windows 10

How To Connect LogMeIn Remote Desktop On Windows 10

Tutorial how To Connect LogMeIn Remote Desktop On Windows 10. logmein hamachi is a useful program for creating a secure and private network. This program provides you with a virtual, secure private network on the Internet. This program has a good and user-friendly interface and a simple environment. The logmein hamachi app makes it possible for users who want to experience a private and secure network with their friends over the Internet, where users can play and chat, share files and engage in any other activity.

Tutorial Connect LogMeIn Remote Desktop On Windows 10

In the continuation of this article, we try to acquaint you with the logmein hamachi program and its features. We will also tell you the important points when using the Hamachi program. You can use the packages available for Buy RDP in Eldernode if you need to communicate remotely between systems.

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Introducing the LogmeIn hamachi program

The Hamachi program has been used by users to create a virtual private network on the Internet. By subscribing to this program, users can create networks and even connect to existing networks. An IP is assigned to the user when the program is running. Users in the main part of this program can connect to other networks or they can create their own network and benefit from this good feature of this program.

Using the Hamachi program, you can create a LAN for online games on the Internet and play games with your friends easily. This program creates a secure, online network between your computer and other computers that is no different from a local or home network. In the image below you can see the users connected to the network created in logmein hamachi.




This program works like game nets that you play together as a network. The only difference is running on the Internet. This program has a good user interface, simple and user-friendly environment, and in its main window, it displays the two main operations mentioned so that users can easily use the two main operations mentioned. It acts like a server and client and you can manage the network and chat with your friends. In addition to chatting, you can play network games and share your files.


LogMeIn-Hamachi-connected users


Features of logmein hamachi

A- Build a secure virtual network on the Internet and manage it

B- Has a good and user-friendly interface

C- Run games that are under the network

D- User access from a central gateway

E- Ability to chat with friends and other members

F- Fast sending virtual network client software to new remote computers

G- Network configuration and settings for yourself and individuals

H- Manage and repair virtual networks for end users with mouse clicks, from anywhere and via the Internet

I- Ability to establish secure communication using 256-bit SSL encryption on public and private networks

J- Ability to connect all users of your network to each other

K- Ability for the user to access a specific computer

L- Ability to share files

M- Control the consumption and access of all networks in one place

N- Ability to manage and retrieve the network

O- Ability to set passwords

P- Ability to specify encrypted connections

Q- Play games under the network

R- Share resources such as printers and so on

Learn Connect LogMeIn Remote Desktop On Windows 10 Server

After installing the Hamachi program, this program will be given a valid IP from the Hamachi server. Connect your friends to the same network by creating a virtual internal network, and this way you will be connected to each other remotely. The program is designed for easy access when running two main operations, one to build the network and the other to connect to the network. Users can easily use these two actions. Depending on your goal, you should choose one of the following options.

1. Create a network and invite your friends to the created network.

2. Your friends build a network and you connect to that network.


main page of LogMeIn-Hamachi


In the main part of the program, if you want to create a network, select the option create a new network. Specify a name for the network and a password to connect to the network. If you want to connect to a network, you must select the second option, join an existing network. After the window appears, you must type the network name and password and connect to that network.

Important points in using the Hamachi program

1. To connect to the network without any problems and find the network in the list of open LANs, you should make the Hamachi network hardware (virtual network card) a priority for the networks.

Go to the Start Menu/Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center.

After the Network and Sharing Center window appears, from the left menu, click Change adapter Settings to display the list of networks.

Then select Advaced Settings from the Advanced menu. If not in the list, press the ALT key on the keyboard to bring up the popup menu.

In the window that opens, click on Hamachi and with the up arrow, place it at the top of the list.

2. Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus.

3. To test the connection between your system and your friends system, right-click on your friends list and select Ping. If the program is Time Out, it means that there is no connection and no data is exchanged between the two systems. But if the Time Out program does not work, the connection between the two systems is established. This communication must be correct between other systems otherwise you will run into problems.


Test the connection of users in Hamachi network


4. To chat with group members, you can right-click on its name in the Hamachi program list and select Chat. For group chat, right-click on the name of the network to which a group is connected, select Chat, and start chatting.


How to chat in the Hamachi application environment


5. In Hamachi, only 5 systems can be networked together, but a person who has a server can create several Hamachi networks and connect the rest to its networks by building a server.

6. The speed and internet of the server have a great effect on the latency and traction of the network. The latency of Hamachi is between 50 and 140. So if the number of network connections increases, the server speed and traction must be high to be able to establish connections without delay. So the more people there are, the higher the latency.

7. Configure the Hamachi app settings so that not all the drivers you share are displayed to those you do not know. You can even disable share.

8. You can use Hamachi program for games that have LAN capability. Like the game General, Contra, etc.


Logmein software is free for up to 16 computers, but you will have to pay for more than 16 computers. logmein is actually a type of vpn network where you can remotely access shared information. In this article, after introducing logmein software, we tried to How To Connect LogMeIn Remote Desktop On Windows 10.

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