What are the some features of Linux?

What are the some features of Linux

What do you know about the Linux operating system? You know that the operating system kernel is the most important part of the operating system. The kernel is actually a set of software with task management and hardware management tasks. When an operating system starts, the kernel is located in cache. In this article, we will look at some of the features of the Linux operating system. You can choose your perfect Linux VPS Server Packages in Eldernode.

What are the some features of Linux?

According to recent studies, we find that Linux has about 30 million lines of code, and about 10% of it is dedicated to the kernel. Linux was initially very limited but over time all its hardware is now supported in the market.

The Linux operating system was first released in September 1991. A few months later, another version of the language hit the Internet. Thousands of programmers worked on Linux and a series of fixes were made. The spread of Linux caused hackers to become particularly interested in the operating system.

Any software that reaches the user must be released under a specific license. There are several permissions. GPL is one of the most widely used licenses in the field of software.

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Security on Linux operating system

Unlike Windows and other operating systems, the Linux operating system has a set of very strict rules that make it very difficult to access files. The Linux operating system is internally secure. This operating system was initially designed for multi-user systems. It is obvious that such a situation indicates the optimality of the Linux operating system. Multiple access levels, as well as customizations in the Linux operating system, prevent malicious programs from accessing them and only hitting part of the system.

Security issues in the Linux operating system are easily detected and fixed quickly. If you are updating your Linux operating system routinely, you will definitely not face any particular problem. Access on the Linux operating system is divided into three levels:

1. Reading permission

2. Writing permission

3. Execute permission

If a site is located on a Linux server and you see it, you actually have permission to read, and if you are denied permission to read, you can no longer view the site.

Linux operating system permissions

The read permission in the Linux operating system is used to read as well as list the contents of a directory.

A write permission, also known as a change authorization, allows the necessary changes to be made to the contents of a file. Also, delete the desired files in due time or delete a specific file. This permission is also used to create a new file.

Execution permission makes a file run more accurately. For example, if a person only has permission to run in a directory but is not allowed to read, he can only run programs in the directory but cannot be viewed.

If a user creates a file, he can deny access to the file and assign the privilege to another person.

There is an important section in Linux called ROOT that provides all access permissions, in which you can easily change permissions, view files, or delete unnecessary sections.

Compatibility of Linux operating system with other devices

The Linux operating system is used everywhere. This operating system is used in watches, mobile phones, router boards, game consoles, protection and navigation systems, as well as video cameras, etc. If you pay attention to the intelligence of kitchen appliances, you will see that Linux has a very big role in it.

There is a high scalability feature in the Linux operating system that has made this operating system more and more popular.

Linux operating system distributions Another important issue to consider is that Linux is open source and extensible. You can use Linux as a personal device or consider Linux as a web server. Linux distributions are made available to the public, and some are only intended for a specific group.

Linux operating system servers

Linux servers are very powerful. These servers support a large volume of languages. The Linux operating system has a very high efficiency for powerful databases. These servers are much cheaper than Windows servers. This cheapness can also be seen in the hardware line. In fact, you do not need to pay for the operating system itself.

Linux systems do not require general replacements, and it can also be assumed that the operating system can be used without the need to shut down and reinstall.

10 reasons why Linux is superior to Windows

In this section, we are going to look at ten reasons why Linux is better than Windows:

1- Being Open Source Linux

Suppose you are going to buy a car that you can not see what is under the hood as a car engine? Can you trust it?
Windows is just like that car that you do not know what is going on inside. In contrast, Linux is a completely open source project. You can take a look at the source code of your Linux operating system. Of course, most people do not care about the openness of Linux, but this is the most important feature of GNU / Linux.

2- High security of Linux

The Windows operating system is vulnerable to various types of attacks (or hacks). But Linux is much more secure.
In Windows, you need to install or purchase antivirus software to protect your computer from hackers and malware. But in Linux there is no need to use such anti-virus programs.

3- No need for strong hardware in Linux

If you want to install a Windows 10 operating system on your computer, you need to have a computer with relatively good hardware. If Linux can be run on much older computers, Linux requires less RAM and CPU to run. This is why most sites are designed with open source programming languages ​​such as PHP that are hosted on Linux servers.

4- Linux servers, ideal for programmers

Linux supports almost all major programming languages ​​such as Python, C / C ++, Java, Perl, Ruby and PHP.

The Linux terminal is better for developers than using the Window command line.
The bash script feature is also one of the strong reasons why many programmers prefer to use the Linux operating system.

Also in Linux with SSH, servers can be managed easily and very quickly. For example, with a command like apt-get you can easily manage server packages if this is very time consuming in Windows.

5- Ability to customize the Linux desktop

One of the major benefits of using Linux instead of Windows is customization. If you want to access more customizable settings such as installing themes, beautiful icon themes, and customizing your operating system environment, Linux has these features.

6- Diversity of distribution

There are different types of Linux for different needs.
For example, there are Linux distributions for hackers, there are Linux distributions for programmers, there are Linux distributions for very old computers. Linux is for everyone.

7- Free to use

Linux is available to the public for free.

8- High stability of Linux

As we have all experienced, the longer Windows is installed on your computer, the slower it gets to the point where you have to reinstall your Windows. But Linux helps you experience a much longer period.

Another important proof that Linux is reliable is web servers. You can see that many internet giants like Google and Facebook run on Linux. Even almost all supercomputers run on Linux. This is because Linux is much more stable in the long run than the Windows operating system.

9- Need to restart a lot in Windows

Sometimes you just need to restart just installing the software!

If you have recently installed the software, you will need to restart!

If you just installed a Windows update, you need to restart!

If you see a slowdown in your system, you need to restart!

But in the case of Linux, you do not need to restart for the above and you can easily continue working and Linux will not bother you.

10- Privacy

Microsoft has received a lot of criticism for the way it collects data, what it should collect and what it should not have. If you have ever used Windows 10, you can just go to the privacy settings to know that everything is enabled by default. Even if you do not decide to send Microsoft information about your data, there is still no certainty that it will be sent or not? !!
In contrast, Linux is a complete privacy solution. First of all, Linux distributions do not collect much (or none) of information. In addition, you will not need additional tools to protect your privacy.

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The operating system is not popular in the Linux kernel, especially for ordinary users. Most of them are selected by people who want to learn programming / management or have enough knowledge in computer management, work through a convenient terminal, server operations and so on. However, in this tutorial we tried to explain some features of Linux operating system to you. The advantages of Linux over Windows were also mentioned.

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    What is blkid?

    • Dani
      3 years ago

      The blkid command is used to find information about drives, including name, filesystem type, UUID, and so on.

  • Betty
    3 years ago

    How to find out how much memory is being used in Linux?

    • Dani
      3 years ago

      With the cat procmeminfo command you can check all the free, occupied and swap memory.

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    What are some standard Linux skins?

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    Where are the network card settings located?

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    How to delete all the processes of a particular user?

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      killall -u username


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