Introducing SSH Connection Softwares

Introducing SSH Connection Softwares

[Updated on Date: 2021-01-15] SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a secure protocol for communicating between the Client and the Server. SSH encrypts them before sending them to the user (without user intervention) and sends them to the client. Managing Linux-based servers is usually done via SSH, users who work with Windows should use these utilities. Various software is used for ssh, in this article, we will Introduce SSH Connection Softwares that is suitable for ssh connections. Do not miss available discounts and buy your own RDP Admin or Linux VPS.

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The Best SSH Connection Softwares

To have secure established and authenticated SSH connections to SSH servers, all you need is the SSH client program. You can even use multiple SSH clients. However, join us with this guide to study which one is closer to your needs.

Introducing Putty Software

The most popular and easy is SSH software. It supports several common protocols including SCP, SSH, telnet, and rlogin.

Download putty

You should get this software from this address.

connect to ssh with putyy


Introducing MobaXterm Server Login Software

MobaXterm is a powerful software application that uses the functions that programmers, web designers, administrators, and all users who need to do remotely on a network can monitor and manage systems that access the network. Allows an application to connect and enables managers to perform multiple tasks simultaneously on more than one device.

For example, copy and paste files, execute scripts, etc. remotely. It also allows you to execute Unix commands, view digital images, send text or code, create files or directories via the command line script to the operating system, and execute any command you write in the command line environment.

Download MobaXterm software

Get this software from this address.



Introducing ZOC software

ZOC is a professional telnet or Secure Shell (SSH) server and terminal emulator. With this software, you can remotely connect to Linux and UNIX via SSH or Tunneling.

Download ZOC

Download ZOC from



Introducing Termius

You can also connect to the server via SSH using Mobile. One of the software that allows you to do this is Termius, which offers versions compatible with ios and Android.



You can also use other software like juicessh, Mobile SSH to connect ssh to mobile.



In this article, you learned about Introducing SSH Connection Softwares. Depend on what you need, you can choose any one of the above clients due to their advantages and disadvantages. Using SSH clients allows you to experience a secure login and file transfer. Read more of our related articles if you wish.

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