Laravel – Blade Templates

Laravel – Blade Templates

Laravel – Blade Templates, Laravel 5.1 introduces the concept of using Blade, a templating engine to design a unique layout. The layout thus designed can be used by other views, and includes a consistent design and structure.

Laravel – Blade Templates

When compared to other templating engines, Blade is unique in the following ways:

1) It does not restrict the developer from using plain PHP code in views.

2) The blade views thus designed, are compiled and cached until they are modified.

all views are stored in the resources/views directory and the default view for Laravel framework is welcome.blade.php.

Steps for Creating a Blade Template Layout:

Step 1:

1) Create a layout folder inside the resources/views folder.

We are going to use this folder to store all layouts together.

2) Create a file name master.blade.php which will have the following code associated with it.

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Step 2:

1) In this step, you should extend the layout. Extending a layout involves defining the child elements. Laravel uses the Blade @extends directive for defining the child elements.

When you are extending a layout, please note the following points :

1) Views defined in the Blade Layout injects the container in a unique way.

2) Various sections of view are created as child elements.

3) Child elements are stored in layouts folder as child.blade.php

Step 3:

To implement the child elements in views, you should define the layout in the way it is needed.

We hope you find the Laravel information somewhat relevant from the text above.

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