Introducing Wireshark software and it’s features

Introducing Wireshark software and it's features

Analyzer Software is very popular and important for network administrators. Join us with introducing Wireshark software and it’s features. Today, network administrators use Wireshark software to analyze and troubleshoot network structure, to check the entry and exit of important packets. In recent years, Wireshark software was a great help, all network analysis software were high cost or designed and used exclusively. Wireshark has rich features that you would learn in the following.


Introducing Wireshark software and it’s features

Introduction and history of Wireshark software

Wireshark is a free and open-source software that can analyze network packets. Ans shows you what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level. At the first, in 1998 the software released and developed as ‘Ethereal’, But in 2006, Gerald Combs, the founder of the software, declared it open source and renamed it to Wireshark. It is a multi-platform software that picks up and analyzes packets using pcap. Wireshark software can be installed on Linux, macOS, Solaris, and Windows family operating systems. The wireless development team has also released a version of the software without a graphical interface for Unix operating systems and the Linux terminal called TShark.

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Wireshark software capabilities and features

1– Record all network packets live

2– Display the details of the packet protocol information

3– Open and save the recorded packets

4– Import and export packets to other software

5Smart filter of packets recorded

6– Providing statistics on your needs

7– Decode different protocols

8– Support for most protocols

9– search based on specific criteria on packets

10– Display details inside VoIP network packets


Next articles

We would present an article about the optimal use of Wireshark software soon to explain what this essential troubleshooting tool does and how to use it.


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