How to disable shutdown and reboot commands in Linux

How to disable shutdown and reboot commands in Linux

A Linux system administrator needs to know some Linux tricks. In this article, you will learn how to disable shutdown and reboot commands in Linux.

To power down a Linux system, you need to use the shutdown command schedules a time. While Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Mandriva, make it possible to reboot/halt/shutdown the system as a normal user, by default. It is not an ideal setting, especially on servers. Above all, it must be something to worry about especially for a system administrator.

To fix this issue, we will show how to disable shutdown and reboot commands for normal users in Linux.


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How to disable shutdown and reboot commands in Linux

Let’s review one of the easiest ways of shutdown and reboot commands using the /etc/sudoers file.

vi /etc/sudoers  

Add these lines to the Command Aliases section.

Cmnd_Alias     SHUTDOWN = /sbin/shutdown,/sbin/reboot,/sbin/halt,/sbin/poweroff    User privilege specification  eldernode   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL, !SHUTDOWN    Allow members of group sudo to execute any command  %developers  ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL,  !SHUTDOWN

Try to execute shutdown and reboot commands as a normal user.

chmod o-x /sbin/shutdown  chmod o-x /sbin/reboot

Please Note: Under systemd, these file(/sbin/shutdown, /sbin/reboot, /sbin/halt, /sbin/poweroff) are only symbolic links to /bin/systemctl:

ls -l /sbin/shutdown  ls -l /sbin/reboot  ls -l /sbin/halt  ls -l /sbin/poweroff

In conclusion, you can remove execution permissions as explained above, to prevent other users from running these commands. Since is not effective under systems. , you can remove execution permissions on /bin/systemctl meaning all other users except root will only run systemctl.

chmod  o-x /bin/systemctl


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