How to check Internet speed on debian and Ubuntu

How to check Internet speed on debian and Ubuntu

Speedtest CLI brings the global server network behind Speedtest to the command line. With the help of Speedtest CLI you can easily set the performance criteria of your internet connection. These criteria include loading, unloading, delaying and losing packages naturally and without relying on a web browser. You can test the desktop and server internet connection with the Speedtest Test server network. It should be noted that using this tool, automated scripts are collected to collect connection performance data, including trends over time. In this article, we try to learn you How to check Internet speed on debian and Ubuntu using speedtest-cli. You can see the packages available in Eldernode to purchase the Ubuntu VPS or Linux VPS server.

Tutorial check Internet speed on Linux debian and Ubuntu

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Install speedtest-cli on Linux

In this article, we will learn you how to install the speedtest-cli tool using two methods. The first method is done using the Python-Pip package manager and the second method is done manually. Note that you must install Python 2.4-3.4 or an upgraded version of your system before you can start. Follow us in this tutorial.

How to Install speedtest-cli using python-pip

To install speedtest-cli using python-pip, you must first execute the following command to enter as a root:

sudo su

Then you need to update the list of repository packages by running the following command:

apt-get update

Now you need to install the pip package manager. It should be noted that the following command also installs the required dependencies:

apt-get install python-pip

You will be asked if you would like to continue. You must press “y“.

Now you need to install the program using the following command:

pip install speedtest-cli
Collecting speedtest-cli  Downloading  Installing collected packages: speedtest-cli  Successfully installed speedtest-cli-2.1.1

It should also be noted that you can use the following command to upgrade speedtest-cli:

pip install speedtest-cli –-upgrade

How to Install the latest speedtest-cli manually

The second method is to install speedtest-cli manually. Run the following commands to download the python script:

cd /tmp

Now you need to extract the downloaded file with the help of the following command:


Now you need to execute the extracted script by executing the following commands:

cd speedtest-cli-master/
chmod 755

Note: You can use the following command to prevent typing the full path each time. The following command moves the executable file to /usr/local/bin:

sudo mv /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli
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How to check Internet speed on with speedtest-cli

After you have successfully completed the above steps, you can now check your internet connection download and upload speed using the following command:


The interesting thing is that you can check the result of speed instead of bits by bytes:

speedtest-cli --bytes

If you want to get only information about ping, download and upload, you should use the following command:

speedtest-cli --simple

The output of the above command is similar to the following:

Ping: 5.35 ms  Download: 954.23 Mbit/s  Upload: 186.45 Mbit/s

It should be noted that using the following command you can check the list of servers by kilometers:

speedtest-cli --list

If you want to limit the search results of servers based on distance to a specific area and check them, you must use the following command:

speedtest-cli --list | grep –i France

You can use the server ID to test the connection speed of a particular server. In the following example, server ID 2604 is used as an example.

speedtest-cli --server [server ID]
speedtest-cli --server 2604

You can also easily check the manual and version number of the speedtest-cli tool:

speedtest-cli --version
speedtest-cli --help

How to Create an internet speed log with speedtest-cli

Note that at this point you can run Speedtest-cli as a cronjob to get the internet speed test report.

crontab -e

You must also add the following command line to crontab. After adding the following command, save it to make the applied changes.

30 00 * * * /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli >> /tmp/speedlog.txt
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One of the most reputable internet speed testing sites is SpeedTest. Surely by connecting to it and the numerous servers it has around the world, you can measure your internet speed. For Linux operating systems, this site has designed a tool called Speedtest-cli, which runs in the Ubuntu and Debian environment and tests the speed of the internet. In this article, we tried to learn you how to check Internet speed on debian and Ubuntu. If you want to know the status of your internet speed, you can use the solution provided in this article.

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